USS Michigan serves today in the US Navy as an SSGN, or Guided Missile Submarine. But for those of us who served on her before her conversion, she will always be a Ballistic Missile Boat, or SSBN.

Michigan was the second TRIDENT submarine of the Ohio class commissioned, arriving at SUBASE BANGOR (as it then was called) in 1983. I was honored to report aboard her in late 1983, just after the completion of Patrol 1.

Six Deterrent Patrols later, I left her in capable and good hands after the adventure of Patrol 13, which is forever remembered for the events of October 31, 1986.

This is my home to honor the greatest boat and the greatest crew of men ever. I realize that every boat thinks of herself that way, and every crew does. For me, Michigan of the 1980’s was more than home, she was my first real love.

Welcome to this site which honors the service of USS Michigan SSBN-727 and her crews…