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FTB1(SS) Dave Bowman

Part 1 – Introduction

    A Sailor begins to tell his story

Part 2 – The Basics

    From Bootcamp in San Diego to Submarine School in New London, CT.,  “A” School in Damn Neck, VA and a pilot “C” School, it all leads to waiting for an assignment to the Fleet.

Part 3 – That’s a Big Boat

    Arriving aboard USS Michigan and meeting the crew.

Part 4 – SubQuals

    A Submariner really begins to learn his “stuff” in the challenging process of qualification. Both for Watch Stations and Ships Quals.

Part 5 – The Bullshit Log

    Life on Patrol as a qualified Submariner and Fire Control Supervisor

Part 6 – October 31, 1986

    The scariest day of Dave’s Navy Career

Part 7 – Another Summer in VA Beach

    Returning to Virginia Beach for C3 POSEIDON Fire Control “C” School

Part 8 – Instructor? Me?

    When things don’t work out and life changes a bit, Dave gets assigned as an Instructor for C3

Part 10 – The Auxiliary Security Force

    Shore Duty, like Sea Duty, comes with a bunch of collateral duties. The biggest difference is that for the most part, Dave got to pick which ones he wanted. But there are still dangers involved. In a tragic accident, Dave loses a good friend and almost loses another.

Part 11 – The 1st Gulf War

    On August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Within day, Operation Desert Shield began, followed by Operation Desert Storm. The action appeared to have all been in the Gulf, but that didn’t mean that things weren’t happening in Virginia Beach…

Part 12 – No Looking Back

    In June of 1991, Dave makes what will become the second biggest mistake of his life. But mistakes lead to opportunities, far from where he ever thought he would be. The advent of Social Media brings shipmates together again.

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