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The Stories

Preserving the history of a ship means more than just where she went on what day, and what she may have done or not in a certain place or time. It means finding and telling the stories of her crew. A ship comes alive because of the men who man her.

Like any other segment of society, sailors are drawn from all walks of life. Rich, poor, educated, high school drop outs. There are those who are social and love to engage, and others who are quiet and withdrawn. Some save money, some live paycheck to paycheck.

They come from all parts of the country and every demographic you can name. And on USS Michigan, they were thrown together in a relative small area and forced to work together and live together for three months at a time for as long as their tour lasted.

These then are their stories. Collected here to preserve the memories and the wonder of a ship that someday will no longer exist, except in their memories.

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