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Thoughts On a Boat in the Mud

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On one of the pages I follow, a question about the USS Ling caught my attention:

“I’m curious What is so rare about this submarine? What is unique about her that justifies saving her over another similar sub?”

My response proved that the spark is still there:

Your question referred to “another similar sub.” There aren’t many left.

Quantifying the significance for things like the Ling is relies on careful interpretation. Most people might look at her and see either an eyesore, “some war thing,” or scrap value. For folks like Paul, the Ling (in its present state) might represent a colossal failure of an organization to either preserve it or relocate it before the point of problematic return.


I see the Ling as a ghost of a former time when people actually were interested in bringing history to their community… either feisty Vets or inspired civilians who campaigned…

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